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Anbirkiniyal Full HD Tamil Movie Download, Cast, Story & Review

Anbirkiniyal Full HD Tamil Movie Download : Anbirkiniyal is a 2021 Indian Tamil-language survival thriller film directed by Gokul and co-produced by Arun Pandian & Alankar Pandian. A remake of the Malayalam film Helen (2019), it stars Arun’s daughter Keerthi as a woman who accidentally gets stuck in a freezer room and fights to stay alive. The film began production in February 2020, and was released in theatres on 5 March 2021 to positive reviews.



Release date

5 march 2021


  • Keerthi Pandian as Anbirkiniyal (Anbu)
  • Arun Pandianas Sivam
  • Praveen Raja as Charles

Short Story

A satisfying remake A satisfying remake with an extra pinch of drama A famous lines about love from the Bible goes, “Love bears all things, accept all things, trusts all things, preserves all things.” This could be the aptest synopsis of the Keerthi Pandian-starring survival thriller Anbirkiniyal. Just like love, Anbu (Keerthi) too checks all these boxes. This ‘ love’ connect of the Gokul-directorial, which is clearer when we think of the Tamil version, “Anbu sagalathaiyum thaangum…,” doesn’t end with the name of the lead. The girl herself is a lusty of love, and Anbirkiniyal is filled with characters willing to go to any extent for love.

This Tamil version of Helen is more of a ‘kudumba padam’ (family film) than the original because it stars the genuine father-daughter duo of Arun Pandian and Keerthi. Curiously, the younger version of Keerthi in the intro sequences is played by her niece Driya. Despite the brilliant casting, which goes about as the film’s USP, the duo’s performance becomes a sort of stumbling block to the enthusiastic center. It is unusual to see the loving father and daughter oversell their chemistry in front of the camera. If you have seen any of their promotional interviews for the film, you will observe the mismatch highly jolting. In any event, leaving to the side the correlations with the real world, their performances during the initial passionate scenes leave us cold. Arun Pandian appears to have been gradually discovering his space in the film with each scene and lastly gets settled with his character during the latter half, when things take a genious turn.