4 of World’s Most Successful Athletes and Their Watches

Athletes are the most popular choice for watch brands as ambassadors for their products. Though some athletes are promoting wrist watches despite not being a solid fan of their brand, you will also see some of them choosing to wear the timepieces they have on their wrist as a personal choice, and by that, we mean besides the given monetary benefit and other advantages. If you are curious to know what type of wristwatches some of the most successful and legendary athletes wear to show their taste and style, we listed down the world’s most successful athletes and their most iconic and beloved timepieces. 

First on our list is the Irish mixed martial artist and boxer, Former UFC featherweight and lightweight double champion- Conor McGregor. Despite coming off a loss by submission at UFC 229 against Khabib Nurmagomedov, Conor McGregor is undoubtedly one of the most recognized stars in combat sports. But besides being an athlete that has all the sports adrenaline, he also has an interesting sense of style which includes his wristwatch collection. The wristwatch that we are going to highlight from Conor is his Patek Philippe Nautilus 5981AR001. He was seen wearing the timepiece on Instagram and most notably in one of his press tours leading up to his fight against Floyd Mayweather when he was wearing his F.U. pinstripe suit. The wristwatch features a 40.5- millimeter case that combines stainless steel in rose gold and features Patek’s beautifully finished automatic CH252820C caliber and retails for sixty-two thousand dollars. This timepiece model certainly matched Conor’s bad-ass attitude along with his suit and boosted his already powerful presence.   

  • Roger Federer

Next on the list is the Swiss athlete who is highly regarded as the greatest to ever do it in his sports- Roger Federer. Most tennis players wear their watches while playing, yet it appears Federer never wears one. He only wears his wrist watches only when he is lifting a trophy, however, considering that he has won 20 Grand Slam singles titles, we are not short of images of him wearing many different watches.  Considering Roger is an ambassador for Rolex we have to look at one of the many Rolex watches that he has been seen wearing and the most notable one is the Rolex GMT Master II reference 116710BLNR or also known as the Rolex Batman.  He was most notably seen wearing this after his win against Rafael Nadal in the 2017 Australian Open the Rolex Batman was introduced in 2013. 

  • LeBron James

Then we have a man that has compiled an unbelievable amount of accolades on the basketball court- we are talking about no other than Lebron James. Towards the end of the bronze Miami Heat days in 2013 LeBron was approached by Audemar Piguet as the brand was looking to create a limited edition watch. When he offered the chance LeBron was incredibly excited since he was a big fan of Audemar Piguet. He even quoted saying: “I always like watches growing up and the opportunity presented itself it was easy to say yes”. The wristwatch that had Lebron’s mark on it is an Audemar Piguet Royal Oak Offshore chronograph limited edition.  This timepiece model features an 18 karat pink gold case in an Audemar Piguet caliber 31263840 automatic chronographs. The wristwatch also has a 22 karat gold rotor that is visible through the sapphire case back.  This timepiece, however, was limited to just 600 pieces and with a hefty price of 51,500 dollars. 

  • Tiger Woods

Lastly, we have a man that pushes the needle of discussion around his entire sports -Tiger Woods. Woods has been a brand ambassador for a few separate watch brands in his lifetime Tag Heuer, Tudor, and most recently -Rolex. However, when looking at wristwatches from his collection there is one that stands out and that is his Rolex Deep-sea. The wristwatch means a lot to Tiger as he has worn it on many occasions. In addition, as a guy who grew up in California by the ocean, some of his biggest hobbies are free diving, scuba diving, and spearfishing. The wristwatch is one of Rolex’s most heavy-duty models and features a 44-millimeter steel case, a 30235 movement, and is water-resistant up to 3,900 meters. The timepiece retails for 12, 250 dollars and yet it means more than a price tag to Tiger, as he was quoted as saying this about the watch “wherever I’m going it’s going whatever I’m doing it’s doing it’s been around the world with me close to ten times”.

In Conclusion

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