10 Amazing Places To Visit In Bandipur

Tucked away in Karnataka’s beautiful hinterland, Bandipur is a haven for nature lovers, a verdant oasis that appeals to both adventurers along with those seeking peace in addition to quiet. Its enormous woodland area, brimming with a variety of wildlife, provides an enthralling diversion from the bustle of city life. Staying in Bandipur resort offers something to everyone, whether you’re an avid wildlife enthusiast, an adrenaline-junkie, or just someone looking for peace as well as quiet. Take off on an amazing adventure through this natural wonderland, where every corner will reveal jaw-dropping views, wild landscapes, alongside life-changing encounters that will leave you speechless and permanently changed.

1. National Park of Bandipur

A Wilderness Without Rules Bandipur National Park, which covers 874 square kilometres, is a veritable jewel of the natural world’s abundance. Many different types of flora along with fauna can be found in this large protected region, such as stately elephants, elusive tigers, in addition to numerous bird species. Take a breath-taking safari around the park’s dusty paths and see the unadulterated beauty of the wild surface before your own eyes. Watch out for the magnificent tuskers as well as the sporadic sighting of a striped predator hiding in the shadows.

2. Betta Gopalaswamy

Gopalaswamy Betta appeals as a trekker’s paradise for people with an adventurous spirit along with a love of nature. Perched at 1,454 metres above sea level, this charming hill provides a demanding yet worthwhile climbing experience. Every step you take on the meandering pathways will reveal breath-taking views of the encircling valleys, covered in an abundance of verdant foliage. 

3. Elephant Camp in Bandipur

At Bandipur Elephant Camp, prepare ready for an incredible experience with the kind giants of the forest. This is your unique chance to see these magnificent animals in their native environment along with getting up close and personal with their interactions. You may even get up close alongside personal with these amazing creatures, learning about their eating routines as well as the complex relationship they have with their handlers, all under the supervision of knowledgeable mahouts. 

4. The Wildlife Sanctuary at Mudumalai

Another jewel in the region’s natural crown is the Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary, which is located just across the border from Bandipur. The unique flora and fauna of this expansive sanctuary, which includes a wide range of bird species and the elusive tigers and leopards, are well known. Set out on a guided hike or a jeep safari to experience the raw beauty of this area.

5. The Temple of Himavad Gopalaswam

An oasis of spirituality Nestled amidst Bandipur’s natural marvels is the Himavad Gopalaswamy Temple, a 12th-century spiritual sanctuary. Perched atop a hill, this historic temple honouring Lord Shiva provides breathtaking views of the environment in which it is situated. Take some time to meander around the temple complex and enjoy the calm environment that surrounds this holy location.

6. Safari Lodge at Bandipur

Experience luxury in the middle of nature at the Bandipur Safari Lodge, a sumptuous haven that expertly combines contemporary conveniences with a touch of the rustic. Breathe in the crisp woodland air and wake up to the melodic songs of exotic birds—this luxurious lodging offers an incredibly immersive experience. Enjoy breath-taking views of the surrounding environment as you step outside onto your private deck or one of the lodge’s observation points. Let the peace of nature envelope you.

7. The Moyar River

A tributary of the powerful Cauvery, the Moyar River meanders through the lush surroundings of Bandipur. providing a calm haven from the stress of everyday life. Enjoy a leisurely afternoon picnic with your loved ones along its banks, taking in the peace and quiet of the surroundings. Watch for the variety of birds that inhabit this river, and be ready for the rare sighting of stately elephants taking a dip in the refreshingly cool waters to satisfy their thirst.

8. Veeranahosahalli

Veeranahosahalli, tucked away amid gorgeous scenery, provides a singular window into the region’s rich cultural past. Immerse yourself in the genuine rural way of life in this charming village, where customs are intricately woven into day-to-day living. Engage in conversation with amiable locals; their kind demeanour and wide smiles will make you feel at home.Discover their age-old crafts and see the talented artists at work. Then, enjoy the genuine flavours of the food, which is brimming with ingredients produced locally and traditions passed down through the years.

9. Butterfly Park in Bandipur

Nature lovers and photographers alike will be enthralled by the Bandipur Butterfly Park, an enchanting sanctuary where vivid colours come to life. Numerous butterfly species, each more captivating than the last, may be found in this enchanted sanctuary. They flutter among the rich greenery in a kaleidoscope of colours with grace. Take at the exquisite patterns and delicate wings of these fragile creatures as they dance from blossom to flower during a peaceful afternoon. Using your camera, capture their ephemeral beauty to create enduring memories of this botanical haven.

10. Spending a night beneath the stars

An Experience That Will Never Be Forgotten Camping at Bandipur is a journey that is not to be missed by anyone looking for a unique experience. Set up your tent in the peaceful surroundings, then spend the evening gazing up at the sky. The peaceful sounds of the forest will lull you to sleep, and when you awaken, the birds’ joyful chorus will greet the new day. You will have lifelong memories to treasure from this incredible event.


There are natural beauties aplenty in Bandipur resort, catering to all kinds of tourists. This location encourages you to lose yourself in the embrace of nature, from the wide-open spaces of the national park to the tranquil beauty of the Moyar River. The Bandipur resort guarantees an amazing experience, whether you’re looking for peace, adventure, or a peek into the region’s rich cultural legacy. Thus, gather your belongings, give in to the urge of the wild, and set out on a voyage that will dazzle you with the alluring splendour of this undiscovered treasure.