Where to buy an Air Conditioner?

Once people decide to purchase an air conditioner, the one thing that often bothers them is where to buy it. They usually think – Will buying an AC online or from a retail showroom be better, and will a 1-ton Window AC be good enough, or will an air conditioner 1.5 ton be a good choice?

Online or Offline? 

It’s true that ecommerce sites like Flipkart and Amazon offer lower prices than brick-and-mortar stores. However, they may only have delivery facilities to some areas. Therefore, if there is no supply possible at your Pin code, you can’t pursue AC through this channel and will need to go the conventional way of visiting a retail store and buying from them. 

Unlike a television or a mobile, AC is complex machinery. Hence, dealing with a return and refund can be a nightmare if you receive a defective piece. In a local retail shop, you can walk in and as for all the details. Hence, buying from a nearby physical store might be a good idea unless the price difference is significant.

Popular Retail destinations

Apart from the authorized showrooms of a brand, there are popular retail chains like Croma, Reliance Digital, Vijay Sales etc. However, you will find their prices a few thousand rupees more than less popular stores. It is understandable because these chains often pay vast amounts of rentals every month. Besides, they also have to pay salaries to their employees and may have other overheads like advertising, which also need to be recovered from people who buy from there. 

Most retail shops don’t let you take photographs of the model/price list. Soon you will realize that it won’t be possible to get the best price in these shops. You can also consider various AC dealers asking for a quote for specific models like a Split air conditioner 1.5 ton to assess who is selling cheap and who is quoting more. After branded retailers, you should also check out smaller traders. Such places don’t have fancy showrooms or armies of staff, so their overheads will be lower, and they can give you better rates. 

Consider your Requirements

Ideally, consider your current needs and possible future scenarios like an increased power tariff and the need for better cooling etc. Now depending on your requirement and the room size, you should choose an air conditioner. If your room size is 1300-1400 cubic feet, you should opt for an air conditioner 1.5-ton capacity. However, if you are comfortable with a little slower cooling and will use it primarily at night, even a 1 Ton Inverter AC is adequate. One of the most critical factors for AC is its power rating because a higher power rating ensures saving on your electricity bill. Hence, choose a 5 star air conditioner.


Purchasing a more energy-efficient air conditioner will ensure payback in the long run. It’sIt’s essential to research before visiting a showroom and have your priorities set, or else sales guys may confuse you and make you buy what gets them the most profit. If you are short on funds and delicate with a low-capacity AC, you can consider buying a 1 ton 2 or 3-star split ACs available for 25-30k onwards. 

However, serious buyers must factor in a budget of 30-35k. Before making payment, check what is included in the price and what is not. If you are not well informed, you might be asked to pay extra for delivery, voltage stabilizer, installation etc.