What’s the best way to play Aviator to increase your winning chances?

Casino online games are known to be famous for allowing players to earn money, but one of the most exciting aspects about them is the mental agility they require. Through decision-making and problem-solving skills, anyone can win a game. Some games include Blackjack because the player has to choose between many options upon seeing the first card. There’s also poker, which requires some psychological notions since a player’s move will be determined by other people’s reactions.

But one of the latest and most exciting casino games is Aviator, which is considered easy to master. The game was launched in 2019 and has since emerged in the Indian casino industry as one of the most entertaining games. It involves the increasing odds of an airplane departing, in which you need to cash out as fast as possible before the departure. As easy as it sounds, you might need a strategic move to win it.

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How should the Aviator game be played?

At first glance, the Aviator game seems quite simple. You have a black screen on which there’s a red airplane that’s about to start flying. At the beginning of the game, you place two bets and watch the left side of the screen to get an idea of the winnings and losses of other players.

The Aviator game requires you to guess how much the airplane will ascend, and based on your bets, the coefficient of the altitude will be added to your final profit. Generally, users who play aviator casino games online at 10CRIC need to press the button to stop the airplane right before reaching its peak; otherwise, they might lose. But if you win, your input doubles or increases at a certain rate.

Learn the algorithm to win

The most important part of the Aviator game is the win multiplier, which starts from 1x and increases as the game unfolds. The game rounds are also determined by a random number generator, so when the airplane takes off at a specific rate, you can check in the game if the rate has been fairly used.

The final result also requires four participants, of which one is the operator that handles the server seed value. It usually is composed of random symbols that can be viewed before the game starts. Therefore, each player has a seed which will contribute to generating the round result.

Being active in the chat room while playing the game is essential to winning because you can discuss with the rest of the players regarding their actions. At the same time, if you notice inaccuracies or a lack of fairness, you can report this for the game to restart.

Make the most out of promo features

Like most online casino games, the Aviator game also has promo features to help beginners have a better start. For example, you’ve got free bets that will be randomly assigned in the chat, so make sure to watch out for them. Similarly, there’s the rain promo that offers a specific number of free bets to users, and anyone can claim them.

Finally, if you want to earn some bonus points and experience in playing the game, you can participate in Aviarace Tournaments that allow you to get these points for leveraging free bets or other special features.

Make the same steps to play the game

To make a bet for playing the Aviator game, you must register at a reliable casino. Then, you log into your account and enter a deposit to fund your account. Know that some casinos allow you to deposit random amounts of money, but others have a minimum deposit requirement you need to fulfill to complete the transaction.

After these steps, you must learn how to place a bet on the Aviator game. To set your first bets, you start the game and press the buttons to help you wager the bet you inserted so that you may stake one or both bets simultaneously.

Know that each provider might have different minimum and maximum betting rates based on how much the maximum multiplier is.\

Playing Aviator on auto mode

The Aviator game can also be played in the auto-play mode, but only within ten rounds. You only have to check the proper button from the auto menu. In this section, you can also choose if your balance will increase or decrease based on a specific amount of money. At the same time, when the airplane reaches the predetermined multiplier rate, you can cash out by pressing a single button, so the process is more straightforward. Still, the experience isn’t the same as getting through these steps manually.

Systems used to win the Aviator game

Playing the Aviator game requires you to be fast but also intuitive about the bets. Still, you can learn some tactics to make winning easier. Here are some strategy examples:

  • The Martingale system is based on mathematics, implying that after each loss, you can win at some point if you double the bets;
  • The Fibonacci system is best to take you on a winning streak because you determine the bet size depending on the Fibonacci number sequence;
  • The Paroli system involves increasing your bet even if you won, so you can double the rewards;
  • The D’Alembert system requires critical thinking because you gradually increase bets after losses and decrease them after winnings;

While these tips can help you get a better understanding of the game, it would be best to read the rules before starting. While Aviator is played similarly almost anywhere, it may be possible that different providers have diverse game controls or regulations, so check them out.

What do you think about the Aviator game?

The Aviator game is simple at first glance because you only have to follow the airplane’s route. Right after it reaches the top, you must press a button and take your gains. Otherwise, you might lose your bets. So, the Aviator game is challenging but fun.