What is quantum computer ? facts & working

A computer is an electronic device that accepts a set of instructions in the form of a program and displays the output to the user. But a question always arises that What is quantum computer ? facts & Working .Why is it becoming very crucial in day to day life ?

What is quantum computer ? facts & Working

What is quantum computer ? facts & working


On 23rd Oct, 2019, a high level difficult calculation problem was done. It was by quantum. In 3 minutes 20 seconds said the researchers of google did which could not be even done in 10,000 years by supercomputer. And this was all possible because of quantum computer. What is quantum computer ? Facts & Working

Quantum computer is any device of computation. As it makes direct use of quantum mechanical. The field of quantum computing was initiated by the work of Paul Benioff. And David Deutsch in 1985.   According to the classical computer, ‘bit’ is the smallest unit of computer. The basic unit of information is bit. The information we get on looking towards the switch is either on or off. Similarly, a bit can either be 0 or 1.

But the question again arises that, how we get so many information through 0 and 1 bits?

The data can be a numeric data or a non-numeric data. It can be a alphabet or any other special characters.

Mostly computers use ASCII for coding which means, American standard code for information interchange.

ASCII code is the most widely use as alphanumeric code. It is used in computers to translate text into a form that can be sent to and understand by other computers and devices such as modems and printers.

Why quantum computer is important ? , How quantum computer works ?

Similarly, many countries are in competition to make quantum computers come in market. Because it gives data. And Data is the only oil. To run the data we a need is quantum computer. In conclusion, Quantum computers work on the basis of physical quantum.

Fastest computers are the quantum computers. As it works with particles. Rather than this it works in the language of 0 and 1 bits.

In the coming generation the quantum computers would the most important? But there will be some advantages and disadvantages of this.

  1. These have Capability to convey more accurate answers.
  2. Above all, ability to solve classical problems.
  3. For instance, could process large amount of data.
  1. Quantum computers are so expensive.
  2. Rather not suitable for word processing.
  3. As a result, Hard to control quantum particles.
  4. However, Complex hardware scheme like superconductors.
  5. And it is difficult to build.


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