Best Telegram Movie Channels List to Watch Films Free (2023)

In this digital era, people are so fond of watching movies and tv shows that they don’t even have time to go to the theatres. So, in order to provide our audience with some relief, we have come up with a list of best Telegram movie channels which they can follow and watch their favorite films free of cost.

What is Telegram?

Telegram is a cross platform instant messaging app for smart phones and computers. You can send messages, photos, videos and files of any type. Telegram also offers optional end-to-end encrypted messaging. This ensures that your messages will be private and secure. Telegram is available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, macOS, Linux and web browsers.

List of Best Telegram Movie Channels

Telegram is a great platform for watching movies. There are many Telegram movie channels available which you can join and start watching movies for free. In this article, we will share a list of best Telegram movie channels with you.


HDMovies is a channel on Telegram that provides its users with a range of movies to watch for free. The channel has a wide selection of movies in different genres, and all of the movies are available in high definition. HDMovies also provides its users with movie reviews and ratings, so you can always be sure that you’re watching the best films.


Do you want to get the latest movies? Check out this list of the best Telegram movie channels. With these channels, you can watch films for free without having to worry about spending any money.

1. @Cinema_Club_Bot
2. @Movieguide
3. @Film_Reviews
4. @Movies_Trailers
5. @TheCinephile
6. @InTheatersBot
7. @comingsoonmoviesbot
8. @TelegramMovies
9. @moviegrambots
10. @TMDBmovies

New Movies

There are many movie channels available on Telegram, but finding the best ones can be a challenge. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the best Telegram movie channels that you can join to watch films for free.

1. @NewMovies: This channel offers a wide selection of new and popular movies that you can watch for free.

2. @LatestMovies: As the name suggests, this channel provides users with the latest movies that have been released.

3. @MovieDownloads: This channel allows users to download movies for free. 4. @FullMovies: This channel provides users with full-length movies that they can watch for free.
5. @Cinema_tv: This channel offers a wide selection of movies and TV shows that you can watch for free.


Cinema is the best Telegram movie channel with more than 3,000 subscribers. You can find all types of movies here, from classics to the latest blockbusters. The channel is updated regularly, so you’ll never run out of new films to watch.

If you’re a fan of Bollywood movies, then you’ll want to check out the Indian Movie Channel. This channel has more than 2,000 subscribers and offers a wide selection of Hindi-language films. You can find both new releases and classic Bollywood movies on this channel.

Looking for something a little different? The World Cinema Channel is a great place to start. This channel has a mix of international and independent films, so you’re sure to find something interesting to watch. With more than 1,000 subscribers, it’s one of the smaller channels on this list, but it’s definitely worth checking out.

Box Office

Box Office is a Telegram movie channel with a vast collection of movies available for free. The channel has both old and new movies, as well as TV shows. You can check out Box Office here.

How to Join a Movie Channel on Telegram?

Before we get to the list of best Telegram channels for movies, let me show you how you can join these channels. Joining a channel on Telegram is very simple. Just follow these steps:

1. Open the Telegram app on your smartphone.
2. Tap on the Search option at the top.
3. Type in the name of the movie channel that you want to join e.g “MoviesChannel” and search it.
4. Tap on the channel name when it appears in the search results.
5. On the channel page, tap on the Join button at the bottom.

Telegram Movie Channels Alternatives

movierulz free
movierulz wap org
movierulz ht
movierulz in
movierulz ms
movies wood
9xmuvis org
apne tv
bawsk com
besthdmovies com
biharmasti in
bolly4u bolly4uorg bolly4uhd


We hope you enjoyed our selection of the best Telegram movie channels! If you know of any other great channels that we’ve missed, let us know in the comments below.