Top Selenium Testing Courses to Learn online in 2022 – Everything You Need to Know

Selenium is an open-source automation tool for web applications. It automates the tasks that are required to test websites and web-based software. The tests can be written in Java, C#, Python, or Ruby and executed on any operating system.

Top Selenium Testing Courses

It is a software automation framework that supports different testing frameworks. It is used for a web application, performance, and load testing. Selenium Testing is a software testing technique that helps automate the Selenium Framework tasks. It supports different programming languages like Java, C#, Python and Ruby.

This framework provides a set of tools that help test the quality of an application by executing the tests written in these programming languages on any operating system without writing code for each one separately.

Selenium Testing helps testers find bugs and issues in their applications and fix them quickly by automating their testing process. It also allows them to create faster and more efficient tests than manual testing processes, thus reducing costs and improving the quality of software products.

Can You Learn Selenium Testing Online?

Selenium Testing online courses are available in various formats, such as video tutorials, interactive courses, and self-paced courses. An instructor or a tutor can also initiate them. The course lets the learner learn about the basics of Selenium and how it can be used for automation testing of web applications.

Online Selenium Tutorials are an effective method for learning Selenium Testing because it provides a well-structured learning path with clear instructions from experts in the field. Selenium Testing online courses are designed for beginners who want to learn the basics of Selenium Testing and advance their skillset.

The benefits of learning Selenium Testing online are that it can help you improve your skills in the shortest time possible without the need for attending classes or buy expensive books. Instead, the courses come with videos, articles, quizzes, and assessments to learn at your own pace. The best thing about these courses is that they have been designed by professionals who have experience in software testing.

Top 5 Online Selenium Testing Courses

Online selenium courses allow students to learn Selenium without going through any formal education or certification process at their own pace and time. The tools and resources available in these online Selenium courses are helpful for students who have never heard about Selenium before and want a quick introduction to how it works and what it can do for them.

Here are the top 5 online Selenium testing courses –

  • Selenium Automation Testing Course by LearnVern
  • Selenium Automation Testing course by Tops Technologies
  • Advanced Selenium WebDriver with Cucumber by Seed
  • Selenium Training Online by Way2Automation
  • Selenium Online Training by FITA

Selenium Automation Testing Course by LearnVern

Selenium Automation Testing Course by LearnVern provides you with a thorough understanding of the Selenium framework and teaches you how to use it. In addition, the course will teach you how to automate your testing process with Selenium. You will learn the basics of the Selenium Tutorial from scratch and then move on to more advanced topics like TestNG, JUnit, etc.

1.	Selenium Automation Testing Course by LearnVern

LearnVern courses are entirely free and provide learners with a chance to earn a Skill India NSDC certification. In fact, this is the only free course on this list. All the top universities and companies recognize NSDC certification.

LearnVern courses offer quizzes, articles, video tutorials, interview questionnaires, and much more. Moreover, these courses are mobile accessible and have lifetime accessibility, allowing learners to learn anytime. You can even learn the courses on your TV and learn from the comfort of your home, at your own pace.

Selenium Automation Testing course by Tops Technologies

Selenium Automation Testing course by Tops Technologies

Selenium Course designed by Tops Technologies to help students learn about automation testing and Selenium. The course content includes Selenium IDE, Selenium WebDriver, Java, Python and more.

The Selenium Automation Testing course is a program that covers the basics of automation testing. It provides an overview of the tools and techniques used in automation testing. Students will also be introduced to the various concepts related to Selenium and how they can use it for their projects.

The course will help you understand various automation tools available in Selenium and explore its various features to help you find bugs in your code faster.

Advanced Selenium WebDriver with Cucumber by Seed

Selenium is a test automation framework used in software development to automate web browsers and web applications. This course will teach you how to use Selenium IDE, Eclipse, and Cucumber.

The course starts with an overview of the Selenium testing framework and its features. Following the introduction, you will learn how to install the selenium server on your system and configure it for your needs. You will then learn to write tests using Selenium’s built-in functionality and API.

Next, You will learn about writing tests using Cucumber – an open-source tool for creating automated acceptance tests for web apps. Finally, you will learn how to use Selenium IDE.

Selenium Training Online by Way2Automation

Selenium Training Online by Way2Automation is a comprehensive online course covering the latest Selenium 4.0 syllabus. It also provides access to the course materials and assignments.

This course is designed to provide training in Selenium 4.0, focusing on test automation techniques, advanced functionalities, and integration of Selenium with other tools like Jenkins and Docker.

The course includes interactive content intended to help you learn the new features of Selenium 4.0 as quickly as possible. You will also gain access to detailed notes, handouts, and a 24×7 support so you can ask questions about what you’ve learned or review your progress.

Selenium Online Training by FITA

FITA is an online training platform that helps individuals learn Selenium testing. FITA offers a variety of courses and tools to help you learn Selenium. The courses are offered at affordable rates and can be completed on your schedule.

FITA allows working professionals to work around their schedules and manage their time efficiently by scheduling training sessions in advance.

This Selenium testing course provides a comprehensive understanding of Selenium tools, techniques and practices for test automation. The course covers all the aspects of Selenium, such as how it works, how to set up your environment, how the different tools work together, how to author functional tests, the best practices for testing, etc.


Selenium is the most widely used automation tool to test web applications. It helps automate the process of page navigation and input validation, which can be tedious for a human tester. As a result, it can help web developers create better products, save time, and improve user experience.

It is a popular job option because it can be done remotely. It also requires less technical skills and knowledge than other programming languages like Java or Python. It’s fast and easy to learn and requires less technical skills and knowledge.

It has a bright future in software development with the increasing demand for automation tools. The future of Selenium jobs looks lucrative as it is expected that by 2023 there will be more than 1 million selenium jobs available in the market.