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Get Yourself A Perfectly Sculpted Body

Get Yourself A Perfectly Sculpted Body!! Dr. Anju Methil, Dermatologist

Beauty Beholds the Eyes!! Haven’t we all come across someone who is so well built that it looks as if they have been sculpted out by an artist. Well, for all you know, they might be.

These artists are none other than some very expert cosmetologists and plastic surgeons. Often people who get lasik eye surgery look at the rest of their body and see that improvements can be made to make them look younger. Not only can they be glasses free, they can tighten their face or remove unwanted fat on their belly.

If you are in Mumbai in and around Andheri, you might want to look up Dr. Anju Methil, a well-known celebrity dermatologist in Andheri, Mumbai.

Many clients can vouch for her professionalism and skilled hands.

There was an era where every single body you came across was so perfectly sculpted, with all those eight-pack abs, toned hips, chiseled face, shaped legs, and an hourglass figure. This was the era where modernization was a luxury and privilege. It was an era where just sourcing the food and preparing it for consumption took an entire day’s hard work.

Now, we multitask, using many modern gadgets all because we are sourcing food and preparing it for consumption after a hard day’s work, but it has made us lose form instead of improving it.

Sadly, it takes even more hard work to get in form because we have to make time from our busy schedules to exercise.

But what if I told you that you could get help from people who are skilled in using their very own modern gadgets to help you lose fat and get that perfectly sculpted look!!

Yes, the cosmetologists and plastic surgeons!! They are the ones who will help you get in shape.

What Does Body Sculpting Involve?

A talk with Dr. Anju Methil during a consultation will solve all your queries in depth. We, however, have tried to explain what we know about body sculpting and what you should expect out of the procedure.

Body sculpting includes surgical and non-surgical procedures.

These procedures reduce body fat from required areas, tightening, cutting, repositioning tissues and fat, and removing the excess skin once the area is reduced.

The non-surgical procedures include hot and cold lipolysis.

Dr. Anju will take all your information about your past and present medical history, your family’s medical history, ongoing medications, allergies, and your expectations from the surgery.

Before going further with detailed discussions, you will have to undergo specific blood tests and other tests like blood pressure monitoring and ECG. These test results will deem your fitness for surgery.

Once deemed fit, the doctor will discuss and plan the surgery in-depth and give other relevant information about what kind of results you should expect from the surgery, pre, and post-surgery precautions.

Should you choose a surgical method for body contouring, you must stop drinking, smoking, and giving up on certain medications like blood thinners and NSAIDs.

What are the different methods used for body contouring?

As mentioned above, you have the option of choosing a surgical or non-surgical procedure.

Surgical Procedures:

  • The surgical procedures include liposuction and open surgery.
  • Liposuction is a process where the fat deposit is suctioned out of the body.
  • The open surgery involves marking your area of surgery and taking your vitals before laying you on the surgery table.
  • On the surgery table, you will be administered anesthesia.
  • The surgical area is cleaned before a cut is made.
  • The surgeon then cuts the tissue to reshape or reposition it and removes the excess fat.
  • During abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), the muscles are tightened.
  • The surgeon then cuts off the excess skin.
  • Fat is suctioned out using liposuction, and the incisions are then closed.
  • And the area is bandaged.

Post-surgical care:

The doctor will attach a few tubes to drain the fluid and avoid inflammation once the surgery is complete.

When you are sent home, you will be instructed on how to drain the fluids, change bandages, and medication routine.

You will have to walk about slowly to avoid blood clots but refrain from exertion. And yes, please don’t go out for a few days.

Non-surgical procedures:

it comprises of lipolysis. A single session lasts from 30 to 60 minutes, and you may need multiple sessions depending on how much area needs to be reduced.

The surgeon marks the area where you want the fat removed and injects a drug that aids lipolysis. Paddles or wands are placed in the area, and ultrasound waves and laser beams are delivered based on whether you choose cold or hot lipolysis.

Post-surgery risks:

The outcome of the surgery entirely depends on the expertise of the surgeon. However, if you are short of luck, you may be at the risk of:

  • Asymmetrical contouring
  • Blod clots or bleeding
  • Damaged nerves, blood vessels, muscles, and tissues.
  • Hematoma
  • Infection
  • The outcome that doesn’t match your expectation
  • Scarring and irregular skin tone.

The risks of the non-surgical procedure are fewer.

You may have an allergic reaction to the injection, pain, swelling, and unexpected outcome.

But hey, these are only potential risks, which a trained and experienced practitioner can easily avoid to give you that perfectly sculpted body.