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Noorie Absbas: Lifestyle, Bio, Age, Career

Noorie abbas is a Pakistani politician. She is Pakistani-British and works in the UK as a British Diplomatic officer. Noorie abbas is famous for her advocacy of Narendra Modi (Indian Prime Minister) in debates.
Noorie abbas is a Pakistani politician. She became a hot topic after her speech was made viral. Internet users are trying to find the most famous Pakistani politician Noorie Abbas and Beautiful Pakistani politicians. Her debate for PM Narendra Modi became the talk of town.

Noorie Abdulbas was popularly trending on the internet after her speech became viral. Internet users are trying to find the most well-known Pakistani politician Noorie Abbas. Her debate for PM Narendra Modi became the talk of town.

Noorie Abbas age

She was born in London in 1990. She is  32 years old. She worked in private firms. There is no information about her sisters. She has completed her diplomas in English and management.

Noorie Abbas family

When we speak about the parents of Noorie Abbas, we already stated that there is not much information online. But, according to some information, “Noorie Abbas”‘s Parents went to London looking for jobs. Then later, I settled down in London. According to some information, “Parents to Noorie Abbas”, these parents used to work at private companies.

Noorie Abbas education

Noorie has a London High School diploma. She also received a degree as a Management and English teacher. There is not much information on her university other than that.

Noorie Abbas boyfriend

Noorie is single and not married. Additionally, she has not shared any details about her personal or romantic life. She prefers to keep her private information hidden from the public.

Noorie is not a part of the scandals and rumours that surround Noorie. She is also preoccupied both with her professional and personal life. She also tries not to be involved in controversy and rumours.

Noorie Abbas’s social media

Noorie is active in Instagram when it concerns social media. Numerous people have followed her Instagram. Apart from that, Noorie has not yet joined Twitter or Facebook.

Noorie Abbas career

Noorie abbas is a Pakistani British diplomat who worked for British government. Additionally, she was the international officer for the committee. She exudes strength and confidence. She was open to sharing her opinions on any topic she could as Diplomatic Officer.

Indian farmers protested the 2019 agricultural law. This issue was being addressed in all countries. Rihana (a pop star) tweeted about the farmer incident. It made headlines on social networks. This cause has been supported by many. Noorie also addressed Indian Prime Minister NarendraModi at the Oxford Committee.

Things in Norrie’s speech.

Noorie spoke out about Narendra Modi, the prime minister of India. Before she began her speech, Noorie stated that she supports India since she is a Pakistani girl. She also praised Prime Minister NarendraModi and India. Noorie also called on Indian citizens not to forget Modi and his vision of India’s future.

She also avoided India-Pakistan relationships and focused instead on important issues, such as employment and development in India. Noorie believes Modi is the most powerful leader in South Asia.

Noorie abbas made a statement about Narendra Modi in one of the speeches she gave at the Oxford Committee. She started her speech by stating she was Pakistani and supports India.

She spoke out in support Modi’s government and stressed Modi’s vision. She believes Modi is the most powerful leader in South Asian countries. Modi is often criticized for his actions but India has a significant influence on the Southeast’s growth.

Both the 2014 and 2019 elections were won by Narendra Modi. His party, BJP gained about 303 seats. Noorie asked Indian citizens to support Modi’s vision. She asked Indian citizens if they believed in the Indian government. She explained that Indians gave the power of a tea-seller to make significant changes in Indian politics.

She did not address India-Pakistan relations in her speech, but instead focused on issues related India’s employment opportunities and development.

Noorie Abbas News

Noorie Abbas is a Pakistani politician and works as a British diplomat officer. Her speech was virally shared online and she became a trending topic. The trending Pakistani politician Noorie abbas is being searched by netizens. She was featured in the news because she voted in favor of PM NarendraModi.

Noorie Abbas Wiki / Biography

Name Noorie Abbas
Date of birth 1990
Age 30 years (in 2021).
Birthplace London, United Kingdom
Occupation British Diplomatic Office
Zodiac Sign TBA
Education Master’s degree in English and management
Religion Muslim
Marital Status Unmarried
School/College London School
Instagram id TBA
Nationality Pakistani-British
Net Worth TBA

Noorie Abbas Physical appearance

Height 5 feet 4 in
Weight 55 kgs
Body Measurements 32-26-32
Eye colour Black
Hair Colour Black

Noorie Abbas favourites

Favorite Actor Chris Evans
Favourite Actress Emily Blunt
Favourite colour Blue
Favourite destination Japan
Favourite foods Pizza

Noorie Abbas’s Net worth

She has not been awarded all honours and nominated for any. Based on her success, it is safe to assume that she will continue to earn them.

Her net worth is not known. She has not disclosed her income or salary. She is a Pakistani British Diplomatic Officer and we can assume that she has made a comfortable living.

Noorie Abbas Facts

  • She is bold and courageous.
  • Noorie has a strong and confident personality.
  • She didn’t hesitate to express her views on any topic.
  • Instead of being a Pakistani, she prefers to wear Indian clothing.
  • In her oxford address, she addressed important issues related to India’s employment and development.
  • Abbas feels Modi’s work is hard to explain with facts.
  • She is very private about her private life.

FAQs about Noorie Abbas

  • Who are Noorie Abbas and
    Noorie abbas is a Pakistani British Indian diplomat in the United Kingdom.
  • Who is Noorie’s boyfriend?
    Noorie abbas is single. She never spoke of her relationship.
  • Is Noorie Abbas married?
    Noorie is not married.
  • What height is Noorie Abbas at?
    Noorie Abbas stands 5′ 4″ tall.
  • Why Noorie abbas is so well-known?
    She was interviewed by the media for a debate to support PM Narendra Modi.


Noorie abbas is a Pakistani politician and British diplomat. She became an internet star after her speech was made viral. The internet is searching for information on Noorie abbas, a well-known Pakistani politician and Beautiful Pakistani politicians. After taking part in a debate to support Prime Minister Narendra Modi, she was in the news.