Mobile development: advantages for businesses and current trends

Building brand loyalty is unimaginable without mobile apps. Additionally, mobile apps enable businesses to enhance customer analytics, maintain closer contact with stakeholders and customers and facilitate online shopping.

PNN Soft, with around 20 years of experience, provides companies with reliable and cutting-edge mobile development services. This post briefly considers the general benefits of mobile solutions and the most sought-after technologies to implement in 2023.

Mobile presence for obtaining benefits in a highly competitive market

  1. Boosting customer loyaltySmall and medium-sized businesses can promptly and efficiently communicate with customers via mobile solutions. As a result, companies achieve increased customer engagement levels, which is essential for tracing user behaviour. Building up business strategies in line with customer behaviour insights enhances customer satisfaction. To be more specific, companies can offer diverse loyalty card programs suitable for different groups of customers.
  2. Engaging online shoppingAs an agency that accentuates a need for a convenient user experience, PNN Soft has attention to detail. We develop apps with easy navigation options and flexible payment options. After completing the ordering process, users receive a confirmation message with shipping details. In addition, we may provide mobile solutions with innovative features of e-commerce platforms: voice search or chatbots.
  3. Brand awareness strategiesMobile apps can be an additional promotion channel, which notifies customers about the newest discounts or product news. Thanks to push notifications, you can promptly inform different groups of clients about current sales and offers. PNN Soft team also provides mobile solutions with analytical instruments, such as customer engagement history or granular targeting based on location.
  4. Applying data mining tools for improving marketing tacticsAnother option for getting insights into customer behaviour is using apps for data mining. The tool aims to identify customer patterns and main groups of interactions with marketing tactics. To get a comprehensive vision of clients’ wants and needs, companies combine data derived from multiple sources: social media platforms, e-commerce solutions and offline interactions.

Mobile development trends to follow in 2023

  1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine LearningAmong the other advantages, AI and ML allow the reduction of human errors. For instance, this technological set helps to optimise administrative tasks in the telemedicine industry. Other examples of applying AI and ML are implementing facial recognition technologies for fraud prevention, creating voice assistance, and deploying predictive analytics.
  2. 5G technology5G technology is anticipated to improve mobile app performance significantly. Thus, developers can empower solutions with a wider range of functions without sacrificing security. Nowadays, 5G is applied by programmers for more secure transaction records. With a combination of IoT, 5G assists in managing smart cities.
  3. WearablesFitness bracelets, glasses, healthcare and monitors – all these wearables can be easily paired with mobile apps. The technology can be used both for personal pleasure or by the medical or fitness industry. For instance, the app may supervise users during training by selecting the most efficient exercises or checking heart rates. Such mobile apps can also serve for social interaction: users may share their progress with friends or organise online competitions.

PNN Soft agency has experience in creating mobile solutions for wearables. The company developed a BLE browser, Bluefy, where you may pair multiple devices. We also realised mobile apps’ for commercial needs and launched several author projects. Mobile app for business that performs as a digital showcase for products and services – ClubKit. The reliable and comprehensive mobile app by PNN Soft is the inCarDoc app for OBD2 car testing. You can learn more about all mentioned on our website.