Making An Attractive LinkedIn Profile: A Complete Guide

LinkedIn is a social networking platform that is known to all and used by around 600 million users worldwide. The amount of users and the reliability shows its strength. A person who wants to be successful in their career and is looking for great professional advancement would surely need a LinkedIn profile that proves their worth and value.

The LinkedIn profile is a portal where you can show off your skills and get yourself a professional name in the industry you want to work in. A good and different LinkedIn profile will help you catch the eye of recruiters. But, it is not about having a LinkedIn page, it is about having the perfect LinkedIn page by keeping the right things and taking the unwanted things out. In other words, you have to filter your profile. To do the same, here are a few things that you need to look out for.

  1. Appropriate Picture

The first step always begins with the perfect picture, one that is formal and at the same time attractive in a professional sense. Since there are tons of people using this platform, those who don’t have a picture would be ignored by many. At the same time, do not overdo your profile picture by putting filters.

  1. A Headline That Grabs Attention

A headline is like the table of contents for your summary. You have the privilege of using 120 words to get recognized by a recruiter or an organization. You must always ensure that while writing a headline everything is matching to the summary that you are going to write for your profile. Writing creative and impressive headlines can be difficult hence you can seek help from LinkedIn profile writing services.

  1. Summary

A summary is the perfect review of your career and interest. A summary is like the review of all your accomplishments, stories, work-life, be it past or present and your educational qualifications, etc. As stated above, while writing your summary, make sure you have aligned everything in respect to your headline. Always ensure that you stay professional in the terms of describing yourself. It is advisable to go for the assistance of LinkedIn profile writing services if you want to get the said effect.

  1. The Experience

The attention span of an average human is a few seconds, and within those few seconds, if you are not able to get the attention of the people with whom you want to build a connection, you have lost the game. Hence, with that in mind, make sure that you highlight all the needed points of your career and that they stand out amongst all other similar profiles or candidates.

  1. Adding The Perfect Background

The fact that even LinkedIn helps you in keeping that background image is quite impressive and surprising. You shouldn’t undermine the importance or effect of that feature and create the right impact by keeping the perfect cover photo that shows you off and your taste and likes, but all in a professional manner only.

  1. Be More Reachable With Customized URL

It is a stated fact that many people would have the same name, a person would rarely have a name that isn’t used by anyone else in this world. Consider the URL of your profile page. It would be very difficult for your recruiter to just look for your URL, especially if you have a common name. Therefore, make sure that you customize your URL in such a way that the recruiter can easily find you among the thousands of other people.

  1. Connections

Even though this is an obvious fact, many people tend to forget it. You must always refresh your connection list. Keep connecting with people who have the same background and are successful in the field that you are interested in. Keep in touch with as many people as you can, as it would help you stand out from the large crowd of 600 million users.

  1. Recommendations 

Normally, in real life, recommendations do a huge favor for our development in our career. Getting a recommendation from your past or present employer in LinkedIn does the same job too. Since writing a recommendation would require time and patience, this genuinely proves that the person writing it considers you and your work and skills an asset.

  1. Stay Active On Your Profile

Having a LinkedIn profile is not enough. You should refresh it frequently and keep making connections. If you are not an active user, there are chances that people would disconnect with you and not catch up. Being active gives the assurance that you are genuinely interested in the field of work and want to connect with people.

  1. LinkedIn Profile Strength

Keep checking the meter that shows your profile strength. It would turn left or right that is poor or strong respectively, according to the profile that you have set. Hence, make sure you do everything that is required to increase your profile strength.


LinkedIn is a powerful social networking site and is very useful for all beginners and experienced people equally. Knowing the nooks and crannies of this social networking site and knowing how to use it efficiently helps you to get the perfect job within a very short time. If you do not feel confident about your existing profile, you can visit LinkedIn profile writing services and create the profile that would help you land your dream job.