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Kuttymovies HD Movie Download 2020 – Tamil Movies ||Kuttymovies  is an bootleg recording network that uploads latest Indian films, mostly Tamil films, soon after its release. The Government of Tamil Nadu once blocked the website in Tamil Nadu, but the site administrators created a new website with high traffic to evade the block. The Tamil Rockers team does not reveal itself to anyone and works anonymously. Nearly every Indian film and all Tamil films are uploaded on the Tamil Rockers website. TamilRockers even declared a war against Tamil Nadu government.

Numerous complaints from moviemakers around the globe have been lodged but these notorious piracy sites have been uploading movies without any fear of the government. The cybercrime unit is unable to stop these unlawful sites from leaking contents. However, for many audiences, these free HD movie download online websites are like a boon and they choose to support and download pirated contents from sites like Kuttymovies. This Tamil movie download site has been leaking the content for a long time now. Here is all you need to know about this piracy website:

Many movies and TV shows have been pirated by several piracy websites like Kutty Movies, worldwide. These websites are responsible for the losses of millions of dollars and the numbers keep increasing every second. This not only haunts many moviemakers but it also affects the TV and digital entertainment giants like HotStar, Netflix, Amazon Prime and more that legally stream this content online.

Disclaimer – Innovationguru does not aim to promote or condone piracy in any way. Piracy is an act of crime and is considered a serious offence under the Copyright Act of 1957. This page aims to inform the general public about piracy and encourage them to be safe from such acts. We further request you not to encourage or engage in piracy in any form.

Detail about ‘Kuttymovies’

They provide their users with HD movie downloads and several other options which are easily accessible by any type of audience. The site is giving a hard time to big piracy websites like Tamilrockers and Movierulz in India. Movies on this site are mainly Tamil dramas but one can also find Hindi dubbed versions of the same.

Kuttymovies is a notorious piracy website which has been providing the latest Tamil movies online for free on the internet. With an extensive list of latest and old Tamil movies, this free movie download site enables its visitors to download contents easily.

Apart from Tollywood movies and TV shows, Kuttymovies is also responsible for leaking the latest English movies in dual audio formats. These pirated films are uploaded as soon as they are released or sometimes even before their release date. The Kutty Movies and its several portals not only provide the netizens with an opportunity to download Tamil movies but one can also browse the movies as per the year of release.

What makes Kuttymovies.com stand diffrent from other

This piracy website leaks free HD Tamil movies on the internet for free. But, instead of providing the users content directly to watch and download, KuttyMovies helps them with much more. The site has an easy listing of movies and one can browse through different genres as well.

Tamil movies updates

Here the site gives updates to its visitors on the latest movie additions on the site.

Tamil Movies

Here the site gives the list of Tamil movies as per many yearly sub sections

Tamil Dubbed movies updates

English movies updates

English movies

Movies Leaked by Kuttymovies website

Kuttymovies is notorious for leaking a vast content of movies from Tollywood, Bollywood, Hollywood and more. They are responsible for leaking almost every Hollywood or Bollywood upcoming movie of many popular stars. The vast number of movies leaked by this site includes Kadaram Kondan, Sahoo, Adithya Varma, Avengers: Endgame, Baahubali, Baahubali 2, 2.0, and many more. Recently, the site has been convicted of leaking movies like Bird of Prey, Joker, Kadaram Kondan, Dear Comrade, Jackpot, Guna 369, Spider-Man: Far From Home, The Lion King, John Wick, Darbar, Petta, Kaala and others.

Kuttymovies in India

Movie piracy is considered illegal in India, the USA and many different countries. The Indian government has banned sites like Kuttymovies.com, Movierulz123movies and TamilRockers from Google. However, these sites keep creating domain extensions from .com. .uz, .pn, .it and more to tackle the efforts made by the government to stop the leak of movies on such websites.

List of similar websites like Kuttymovies movie download site

Tamilrockers is an Indian piracy website that provides access to download free movies online: whether it’s Hollywood, Bollywood, Kollywood, Netflix series, Amazon Prime Series: ANYTHING!

Tamilorckers is a word of panic for all producers, regional filmmakers: overall the whole team. Many recent South Indian films, B-Town films and even Hollywood movies were leaked by Tamilrockers which includes Bharat, Oh Baby, Uri: The Surgical Strike, Avengers Endgame, Article 15, Kabir Singh, Super 30, JudgeMentall Hai Kya.

Some Surprising Facts on Tamilrockers

  • According to a report, India stands fourth in accessing piracy movie sites for streaming purposes.
  • Surprisingly, in 2015, a study found that Indian people constitute 18% of the total population who stream the movie online on illegal upload sites.
  • On March 15, 2018, five men behind Tamilrockers were arrested. One of them was a site administrator and other linked to partner site DVD Rockers. They all were educated with degrees in computer science and engineering. According to sources, they were earning between US$1,500 and US$3,000 each per month.
  • The people behind are Prabhu, Johnson, Karthi Suresh, and Maria John. says that Prabhu is the owner of Tamilrockers and Johnson is the owner of DVD Rockers, according to the police statement.
  • The members used to record movies in pieces from various parts of the world and join them together.

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Movie Counter




Madras Rockers













What is the government doing to stop piracy?

The Government has taken definitive steps to eradicate piracy of films. As per the Cinematograph Act approved in 2019, any individual found recording a movie without the written consent of the producers can face a jail term up to 3 years. Besides this, a fine of ₹10 lakhs can also be imposed on the culprits. People circulating pirated copies on illegal torrent websites can also face a jail term.

Will I go to jail or be fined for downloading a movie illegally?

According to the piracy law in India, if a person is taken to the court and it is proven that he/she has knowingly infringed or helped someone else infringe and download a copyrighted movie from Kuttymovies movie download, then it would be considered to be a criminal act. The court will assume that the person knew of the infringement because in most cases the movie contains a watermark or notice which indicates that it is a copyrighted work.

Under the law, the punishment for a person being convicted for their first such offence is a jail term for six months and three years, with a fine between ₹50,000 and ₹200,000 (depending on the seriousness of the offence).

Disclaimer – InnovationGuru does not aim to promote or condone piracy in any way. Piracy is an act of crime and is considered a serious offence under the Copyright Act of 1957. This page aims to inform the general public about piracy and encourage them to be safe from such acts. We further request you not to encourage or engage in piracy in any form.

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