You are currently viewing Kutty Story Full HD Tamil Movie Download, Cast, Story & Review

Kutty Story Full HD Tamil Movie Download, Cast, Story & Review

Kutty story Movie Download : Kutty Story is a 2021 Indian Tamil-language romantic anthology film, consisting of four short film segments directed by Gautham Menon, Vijay, Venkat Prabhu and Nalan Kumarasamy and produced by Ishari K. Ganesh under the banner of Vels Film International.

kutty story

Release Date

12 february 2021


  • Gautham Menon
  • Amla paul
  • Vinoth Kishan
  • Amitash Pradhan
  • Megha akash
  • Varun
  • Sakshi krish
  • Vijay Sethupati
  • Aditi baan

Short Story

Gautham Menon, Amala Paul, Vinoth Krishnan and Robo Shankar Edhirpara Mutham revolves around the lives of two engineering students – Aadhi (Vinoth Krishnan) and Mrinalini (Amala Paul), who are dearest friends. Despite the fact that they manage everything well and spend most of the time together, Aadhi and Mrinalini accept that there is an invisible line between love affection and friendship and they shouldn’t cross it under any circumstances. Aadhi demands something similar from her friend and says that a man and woman can just be friends no matter what. However, the situation that unfold in the later stage of his life destroy his hypothesis and make him comprehend that there is love between the two. But the question remains that is it too late now? Edhirpaara Mutham is exactly what we can expect from a Gautham Menon film and he has remained consistent with his class.

Be it a 20-minute short film or a 120-minute drama, Gautham has always consistently figured out how to bring the crowed into his world where there are only two souls with a sort of divine love between them. Their relationship is frequently complicated as well as matured. Gautham Menon, in Edhirpara Mutham, plays the senior version of Vinoth Krishnan. The job suits him perfectly and he has pulled it off easily.