iOS or Android, which side are you on in 2021?

When the first iPhone was released in 2007, it marked a turning point in the technology industry. Its design, memory capacity, new functions and innovative operating system were unprecedented. Everyone wanted to have an iPhone in their hands, because so much technology not only aroused curiosity, but also meant for people belonging to a movement, as well as granting a status within society.

So from then on, the other phone companies had to work hard and not lose the space that they had been winning little by little. It wasn’t long until new phone models began to come out, at a more affordable price, and with which people would not feel that they were “being left behind” with their mobile phones.


After almost fifteen years, the landscape has changed and today a Samsung has little to envy an iPhone. And in terms of costs, the story is not the same as before, since there are devices with an Android operating system that can be more expensive than an Apple.

What do people mainly look for when buying a mobile phone?

The companies that have analyzed the buying behavior of the mobile phone market agree that the first thing a person values when choosing one phone or another is the battery life and, secondly, the memory capacity.

A large part of the population uses their mobile device for work and as an entertainment tool for their free time. Compared to the rest of the world, India stands for having a special preference for mobile games. This is why if we browse around the internet, we could find several statistics about the most popular phones for gaming, for which it is essential to have a device that ensures a powerful battery and an extensive memory to be able to store games and enjoy an immersive gaming experience.

Which is more popular in India: iOS or Android?

Unlike the rest of the world, currently in India there is a great preference for Androids over iOS devices. The reason is simple, and that is that Apple does not have an official Apple Store in the country. Although it is not impossible to acquire an iPhone since there are authorized stores, this represents a problem since in the case of presenting a problem, people do not have the same service that an official store can offer.

As we have mentioned, today there are many Androids devices that offer the same advantages as iPhones, especially for gamers, and India is one of the countries highlighted worldwide for having the best online game players.

Which side are you on today?

Regardless of the difficulties that Apple may present in India, like the rest of the world, iPhones continue to represent a status symbol and, not only that, a communication tool that means that the owner values technology and quality design. However, technology advances rapidly with each new day, and given the new options that are presented in the market each year, the sensation that the world population experienced with the first iPhone in 2007 is increasingly distant.