How to use guest posts to boost SEO for a website?

Placing your own posts on popular resources is a free opportunity to gain access to a wide and interested audience. And the ability to broadcast to the masses is all that an experienced marketer needs to promote a business.

What is guest posting?

A guest post service is an article written and posted on some site, though not by the owner, but by one of the subscribers. The text should contain useful and relevant information, similar in topic to the direction of the site.

The possibilities that the author of a guest post has are strictly agreed with the owner of the hosting resource. You can’t just cram advertising links into it and engage in spam.

The most widespread, to date, guest posting has gained in social networks. Being a standard author’s content, with a mention of the source, it allows you to solve many different problems for all parties involved.

How should a guest post be?

In addition to the fact that integrations must correspond in content to the subject of the resource, it is also necessary to fulfill the requirements of the owner. As a rule, such posts need to be adjusted to the general content of the feed – to style the content for the site on which it is placed. Mimicking natural messages, you create the feeling that there is no advertising at all.

In addition to the quality of the text, it is worth thinking about more pressing issues:

  1. The article should be similar to the rest of the tape, but it also needs to stand out. Unusual may be the presentation or some features of the content. The main message is to create the impression that the article is interesting and worthy of attention. Use unique images that emphasize the quality of the placement.
  2. Do not spread the post over a large number of characters. Remember that the shorter the message and the clearer the message wrapped in it, the more leads you will eventually get. People don’t like to read a lot, and they especially don’t like advertisements written in thousands of words.
  3. Keep all text in the same style. If you have chosen a certain theme and a style that suits it, do not deviate from the course. Avoid any hint of direct advertising. This will spoil the overall impression of the audience.
  4. Copy- paste cannot be used as a guest post. Nobody wants non-unique information. It won’t appeal to search engines, the placement’s internal algorithms, or the affected audience.
  5. Remember to keep the comments active. If readers decide to react to the post, and it does not matter how: positively or negatively, keep the dialogue going and continue to promote your main message.

Introductory sentences are most important when working on a guest post. You must know what is a long tail keyword before implementing guest posting strategies. Because if you do not immediately hook the audience, then no one will read the text. This is a good rule for writing any texts in general. The better the introduction, the more there is a desire to read the entire article in its entirety.