You are currently viewing How to Download and run Norton Power Eraser – Free virus and malware removal tool
How to Download and run Norton Power Eraser - Free virus and malware removal tool

How to Download and run Norton Power Eraser – Free virus and malware removal tool

Norton Power Eraser is a free tool that you can run and download to remove system threats. If you have a Norton product or other security product, you can still run this tool to inspect for threats. If you cannot start your computer in standard mode, you can run this tool in safe mode.

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Norton Power Eraser is easy to download and easily checks your computer to detect the most dangerous computer viruses. You do not need to install this tool. Norton Power Eraser may choose programs that are legitimate to detect and remove threats using aggressive methods. Before deleting the file, you should carefully review the test results page.

How to Download and run Norton Power Eraser in Standard Mode

Learn how to download and run Norton Power Eraser. In addition, Norton Power Eraser is a free tool that you can quickly download and delete from your PC. Whether you are using Norton or some other security element, you can run this tool to identify the danger. If you are not able to start your PC in normal mode, you can start the tool in safe mode. Norton Power Eraser is not difficult to download at all, it will quickly filter your PC to find the most dangerous viruses. you must use this tool.
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Norton Power Eraser uses different strategies to identify the danger of your device. Here are some instructions to download and run the Norton power eraser:

Step 1: Downloading the Norton Power Eraser

  • The first thing to do is to download the Norton power eraser for free.
  • Click on the Save button.
  • Now select the area like your desktop and click on the Save button.
  • Double click the NPF executive file.
  • When requesting the Norton power eraser click on the yes or progress button for required work.
  • When some additional from box open on your Windows click and approve to see the additional propensity.
  • Now the Norton power eraser will download to your device.
  • Check for the updated version.
  • If it is already updated then leave and if it is not updated then updated.

Step 2: Perform a Scan on your device with the downloaded tool

  • Now you need to press the “risk” symbol in the Norton Power Eraser window.
  • Now Norton virus removal tool will need to play the rootkit output.
  • Now restart the framework.
  • If it has not integrated the rootkit scan.
  • Basically, select the “Settings” option.
  • Now, deselect the selected item.
  • It also waits for the sweep to complete.
  • If you follow the above, you can run Norton Power Eraser without downloading many stretches.

Step 3: Fixing the result of scanning

If a risk is found, it is the right time to resolve similar issues and avoid future issues. When the

  • Norton Power Eraser completes the output, the sweep result is displayed. Dangerous are the suggested activities that are displayed as removed and deleted. Items that need additional consideration are displayed as, whose status is unknown.
  • Consider the condition and do one of the following:

If No-Risk Found-Click OK to finish.

  • For Unknown, Click on a nearby cloud symbol. Files are sent to Symantec workers for inspection using common Markbass identification motors.
  • If it is bad, click [Delete Check Box]. Do not press the Remove check when NOT A KNOWN THREAT is displayed.
  • Click on Fix Now
  • If you need to restart your PC to complete the evacuation Click Restart Now.
  • When the risk is effectively removed, click Finish.

How to Download and run Norton Power Eraser in Safe Mode

To run the Norton Power Eraser in Protected or Safe Mode, follow these steps:

Step 1:

  • Start PC in Safe Mode Using Network.
  • Start the framework and press Windows + R to open the Run Exchange box.
  • Type MSConfig in the command box.
  • Press Enter on the console.
  • User Account Control window appears on the screen.
  • Select Yes or Continue.
  • Go to the System Configuration window.
  • Select the Boot tab.
  • Now select Safe Boot.
  • Select the current network and select OK.
  • Click Restart at a simple point to restart the framework.
  • This will restart the framework in protected or safe mode using system management.

Step 2:

  • Download and run Norton Power Eraser:
  • Open a web browser.
  • Visit the site to download Norton Power Eraser.
  • Open the downloaded document and click on Run.
  • Select Yes or Continue.
  • Presently, read the permit understanding and subsequent perusing select Accept.
    At the point when the Norton Power Eraser window shows, select Scan for Risks.
  • Now, Click on Restart if prompts.

Features of Norton Power Eraser

  • Main Window
    In the Symantec Norton Power Eraser main window, you can perform quick scans of unwanted applications, cancel the effects of previous scans and fix them, or go to the advanced scan page.
  • Advanced Scan
    The system scan is most often used to detect malicious code by scanning your entire computer. Reputation scan scans files in Norton’s cloud database.
  • Reputation Scan
    Running a Reputation Scan on a collection of unique files, not found elsewhere, correctly resulted in a report that all of them are unknown to Norton.
  • Unwanted Applications Scan
    For testing, Norton installed 24 malware samples 4 at a time and ran Unwanted AppScan. In both cases, they reported no risk.
  • Scan Results
    All files can be sent to Symantec for analysis on the Scan Results page. It is especially related to files whose status is unknown.

Symantec Norton Power Eraser removes threats that pass through antivirus and prevent it from being installed. There are no full-scaled anti-virus measures. Use when you need strong organization. Norton Power Eraser is a free virus removal tool that you can download and run to remove malware and threats from your computer.

You can run this tool to scan for threats, even if you have Symantec products or other security products. If you cannot start your computer in standard mode, you can run this tool in safe mode.