How to delete a Facebook account permanently ?

Follow our self-sufficient guide on how to permanently delete a Facebook account. A bunch of scandals, referring to privacy, misinformation, tax processes and all way of other controversial things, have ensued in Facebook failing the trust of many of its users. If you’re among them − or if you’re simply fed up of wasting so much time on Facebook or tired of the continual status updates from old friends you’ve begun on from − here’s how to delete Facebook.


  • First of all, just tap at the top right of any Facebook page.


  • Then, click Settings and after that, click your Facebook Information which is in the left column.


  • After that, Choose Deactivation and Deletion.


  • Select Delete Account, then click Continue towards Account Deletion.


  • After that, enter your password, and then, click Continue and after that, click Delete Account.