Honda CBX 1050 – Bike that Sounds Better than A F1 Car

Honda CBX 1050 – Bike that Sounds Better than A F1 Car || It’s production was between 1978 and 1982. In addition, when it introduces back in 1978, the honda cbx 1050 was same like as any other late 70’s super bikes. After all, a large and powerful engine exhibited into a severely under engineered chassis with the poor suspension set up. Similarly, you had to have some kind of death wish to push this motorcycle to its limit. But despite all that town sides one characteristics of the motorcycle made it stand out from the crowd forever.Honda CBX 1050 - Bike that Sounds Better than A F1 Car 

So let’s Discuss some Facts & History About Honda CBX 1050 – Bike that Sounds Better than A F1 Car

The History of  Honda CBX Superbikes

Similarly, the CBX wasn’t Honda’s first 6 cylinder bike. In the late 60’s Honda was racing against Yamaha and Suzuki’s four-cylinder four stroke bikes. According to designer Shoichiro Irimajiri, cylinder multiplication was the only way as well as it’s engine is a direct descendant of the racing machines. After all, the pedigree is part of what makes it so appealing. Especially after Mike Hailwood won every single race of the 1966 250cc World Championship on an RC 166. Similarly, the look of the CBX was equally iconic. In addition, that petrol tank has to be one of the most dramatic ever to be seen on a motorcycle.

After all, the CBX was as alluring and beautiful as it was powerful. Even though they didn’t sell that many the momentum that came from the CBX project helped pull Honda out of a difficult period and arguably led to other innovative bikes like CB 900F. Even so the original CBX was the last and arguably most bombastic poster boy of the 70’s superbike era. And it put Honda back on the map by getting an exhilarating bike on the roads. Which is exactly where they needed to be.

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Honda CBX Engine Detail

The sound of superbike is an unparallel symphony of a 1047 cc inline, 24 valves, 6 dohc engine which has come from Honda’s own RC series six cylinder race pines of that time. In addition, this carbureted 6-cylinder power plant was ahead of its time. And also, the engine makes 105 brake horsepower at 9000 rpm and 84 Nm of torque at 8000 rpm. After all, it was the flagship and Honda’s first production 6-cylinder road bike for that time. It was mount an impressive by today’s standards but it was a big deal back then. But in other respects, the bike is standard and has features like some telescopic forks. And it has also a tubular frame, twin rear shocks and straight handlebars. Lastly, it was one of rare examples, the manufactured version of which was much more faster than its prototype.

Honda CBX Top Speed and Mileage

After all, it did manage to achieve the Honda’s goal of creating the fastest production motorcycle in the world. In addition, it has come with the top speed of 125km/h. However, it could cover a quarter mile in 11.36 seconds with a terminal speed of 189.82 kph. Lastly, i don’t think that there was any other superbike existence or will ever exist then can come close to CBX1050.

Honda CBX Sound

However, what it is still memorable for is the sound that inline 6 makes. In addition, the sound which really can express a modern day Formula 1 car to shame. After that, it has been considered as one of the best sounding motorcycles ever. Lastly, the Honda CBX 1050’s which has magnificent howl sounds pleasingly menacing to say the least.

Honda CBX 1050 Specifications

Manufacturer Honda
Production 1978 to 1982
Class Superbike
Engine 1047 cc (63.9 cu in), 24-valve, twin-cam, air-cooled inline-6, 6 carburetors
Bore / stroke 64.5 mm × 53.4 mm (2.54 in × 2.10 in)
Compression ratio 9.3:1
Top speed 125 kmph
Power 105 hp (78 kW)@ 9,000 rpm
Torque 63 lb⋅ft (85 N⋅m)@ 8,000 rpm
Transmission 5-speed
Suspension Front: 35 mm Telescopic fork

Rear: Twin shock

Brakes Front: Twin disc brakes 280 mm (11 in)

Rear: Disc 305 mm (12.0 in)

Tyres Front 3.5 x 18″

Rear 4.25 x 18″

Rake, trail 27.5°, 4.7 in (120 mm)
Wheelbase 1,495 mm (58.9 in)
Dimensions L: 2,220 mm (87 in)

W: 780 mm (31 in)

H: 1,145 mm (45.1 in)

Seat height 810 mm (32 in)
Weight 248 kg
Fuel Capacity 20 litres
Fuel consumption 6.00 L/100 km

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