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CI engine full form , What is the full form of CI engine

Full Form CI Engine | CI Engine ka Full Form

CI engine full form is Compression Ignition Engine . It is the heat engine which produce work as output.  This work is the result of combustion of Fuel & Oxidizer (AIR) inside the Chamber via a heat generated by compression.

Burning of Fuel require Oxidizer so that it can burn properly . In Heat engines this process is done under the controlled condition. As a result it produces work as an output.

CI engine full form , What is the full form of CI engine
  CI engine full form , What is the full form of CI engine?

What is CI engine and types?

Compression ignition engine short form is CI engine (CIE). In CI engines, Compression ignite the Fuel+Air mixture, combustion is taking place so that it produces work via a reciprocating moment. This Reciprocating movement involves Suction, compression, expansion Exhaust.

CI engine is Classified in 2 types:

  1. 2 Stroke compression Engine
  2. 4 Stroke compression Engine

How CI engine started & it’s working?

CI engine starts with the heat produced in the Combustion chamber via high compression ration. after the Intake process of Fuel & Air mixture this phenomenon occurs. In this process AIR+Fuel mixture get injected in suction process & in compression process this mixture gets compressed upto defined limit ( Compression ratio). next is expansion process in which blasting takes place ( due to heating in high ration compression) & than Exhaust ,in which burnt gases get exit out.

What are the applications of CI engine?

CI engine is used for many purpose, Automotive, Railways, Power machines, Industrial equipment & many more. We can tell almost everywhere it is used where the high torque & power is required.

How are CI engines classified?

CI engine classified in many ways depending upon its use or working.

In terms of Strokes:-  (1) 2 Stroke engine (2) 4 Stroke engine

In terms of Cylinder:-  (1) Inline engine (2) V,W type engine (3) Radial engine  (4) Horizontal engines

In terms of Motion:-  (1) Rotary engine (2) Reciprocating engine

There are many other ways to classify depending on cooling system , charging method, Engine size & Stroke ratio Etc. you can learn more about it on your Academic books which is a authentic source.

Recommended books for learning CI engines

  1. Internal Combustion Engine Fundamentals by John Heywood
  2. Internal Combustion Engines by V Ganesan
  3. A Textbook of Internal Combustion Engines by R.K. Rajput

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Author: Shubham Mishra  ( Vehicle design R&D proffessional )