Career Options After Completing Online MBA Degree

Online MBA degrees have become popular in today’s time. With the rise of the internet, it has become a viable option for students. It is possible to access education from any corner of the world. An online MBA degree has multiple benefits. The most significant one is that you can learn the course at your desired pace and save time for other activities. The online course is similar to a traditional MBA. The only difference is that you are not required to visit the campus or study centre.

Even working professionals can pursue an online MBA. They can gain the skills required to thrive and excel in their respective industries. The course allows students to gain critical and analytical thinking along with team management skills. In this article, we will focus on the career options you can consider after completing an online MBA degree.

Career Options After Completing Online MBA Degree

 Can getting an online MBA degree accelerate your career?

There is no doubt that an online MBA degree is as valuable as a traditional one. The course structures and growth opportunities are one and the same. While working and sitting in any corner of the world, you can earn a degree and build your resume simultaneously. The only thing to keep in mind is that your career plan should align with the subjects you choose to specialize in. There are multiple options available. Some of them are:

  • Human resource
  • Finance
  • Marketing & Communication
  • International Relations
  • Business Management
  • MBA program for working individuals

While studying for an online MBA degree, a student can learn many skills. Apart from the regular subjects, public speaking, critical thinking, analysis, both qualitative and quantitative, conflict management, and team management are also key parts of the curriculum.

There are multiple career paths to choose from after completing an online MBA. Following are your career options:

  1. Brand Manager

As a brand manager, you can help a brand become more profitable. You will lend a hand in making a brand better holistically. This includes improving the image of the brand in the eyes of the consumer. This may be done by talking about the product or the service in detail and making sure that the brand communication matches the target audience. As a brand manager, reaching and speaking to the target audience by curating customized messages will be one of the biggest tasks on your list.

  1. Project Manager

This role needs you to be detail-oriented and multi-tasker. A project manager helps their clientele with their needs based on the services their organization provides. You will have to help procure, plan, coordinate and execute all their deliverables. This role requires multi-level coordination with different teams. As a project manager, you need to have in-depth knowledge about everything that your client wants to talk about, be it their product or services.

  1. Marketing Manager

This job profile entails making a business sustainable and profitable. As a marketing manager, you will be the head of the marketing team and department. Your job will entail positioning and promoting your brand positively in the minds of your target audience. You will also need to ensure sales and a positive share of voice. This is usually done by converting leads to higher sales. Strategizing and creating elaborate plans are essential skills of a marketing manager.

  1. Finance Manager

As the title suggests, your main job would be managing the finances of the organization. The financial health of the organization will be dependent upon you. This role requires a clear understanding of finance and investment. This is done by procuring finance-related reports, investment reports, and opportunities equally. As a finance manager, you will also have to curate strategies and plans that will help your organization grow manifold.

  1. Advertising Manager

Advertising managers need to be well versed with advertising mediums, investment plans, and strategies. As an advertising manager, you will have to create a team and a plan to implement. You will have to create budgets and campaigns and set effective goals to be achieved. You will have to oversee the entire managerial process of advertising and how the mediums perform.

  1. Financial Advisor

Being a financial advisor is slightly different from being a manager. In this role, you will get the opportunity to advise the client. The advice is usually based on their financial systems, requirement, and situations. Most advisors special in certain portfolios such as retirement plans, risk assessment, and management.

What salary can be expected after an online MBA degree?

An online MBA degree, just like a traditional MBA, helps individuals get a higher position in their respective industries. It is proving lucrative to both students as well as working professionals. One of the reasons is that this degree helps individuals to get the desired salary package. As per industry standards, an MBA graduate can earn between 5-6lpa as their starting package. Following are the salary packages depending on the portfolio:

Online MBA degree portfolio Salary packages
Brand manager 9 lakhs per annum
Marketing Manager 6.5 lakhs per annum
Manager 12 lakhs per annum
Sales Manager 5 lakhs per annum

An online MBA degree is paving the way for success for a lot of individuals. Top-tier organizations give higher priority to individuals with an online MBA degree. Along with your skill, personality development, and public speaking skills, you get to work with industry leaders as well. The overall experience of an online MBA degree is enriching. Esteemed institutions are now curating course structures that help students gain more from every lesson plan. The online lessons consist of visuals that help them learn and understand concepts in a better manner.

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