Bangladesh Sports: Betting on the Pro Kabaddi League

Kabaddi is one of the local South Asian games, going back to prehistoric times. The modern form of the game emerged in 1930 and is popular among the people of India and Bangladesh. After the all-India Kabaddi federation was founded in 1950, the game started getting more popular among the people.

Thus, in 2006, due to the huge popularity of kabaddi in the Asian Games, the idea of creating a Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) was introduced. It was established in 2014, based on the Indian Premier League. The popularity of the League grew as did the popularity of betting on these tournaments. 


Rules of the Game

Kabaddi is played between two teams of 12 players but only 7 players from the defensive team and 1 player from the attacking side or forward team are on the pitch. The match consists of two halves of 20 minutes each, during which time the attacker raids the opponent’s pitch. He continuously shouts “Kabaddi!” and tries to touch members of the defending team.

Such a raid lasts for one breath, or 30 seconds, then the raider must succeed in returning to his field. If he is not caught, the forwards are awarded as many points as the opponents were marked. Those marked players are removed and will not be replaced. Many Bengali residents choose for a detailed understanding of all the details of the game and the betting on this entertainment.

PKL Changes

In order to attract more fans and to promote kabaddi, the rules of the PKL have been slightly changed. Now after two unsuccessful raids, the team does a do or die raid. If the raider fails to get points, he will be disqualified.

Also, if the defending team has three players left or less, if they catch a raider the team will get 2 points instead of 1 .

Kabaddi Betting

Due to the fact that this is one of the few sports that everyone in Bangladesh is familiar with, its popularity is very high. Betting on this sport is also popular, but it is only available online. And to find out all the bookmakers who work with kabaddi, go to kabaddibet. 

Types of Bets for Kabaddi

A special feature of kabaddi is that draws are almost impossible in this game, and among the many available and popular betting options suitable for this game are the following:

  • Double odds;
  • Total More/Less;
  • Total in Asia;
  • Super Total;
  • Handicap;
  • Asian Handicap;
  • Team result + total.

In addition, there are special types of bets that are specific to kabaddi, which you can read about below.

The Best Raider

All players of both teams are available – that’s 24 men. You can check the odds of each of them at the bookmakers. Of course the best raiders have pretty low odds, so you can bet on newcomers with good potential.

The best raider of all is considered to be the one who brings the most points to his team during the whole match. At the moment, Pardeep Narwhal is considered the best, bringing 1425 points to his team for the entire time.

The Best Tackle

Some players are especially good at defense instead of offense. That’s why you should also take a look at the 10 best defensive players in the teams. You should decide on whom to bet on, choosing from trusted players, because for many people defending is more difficult than raiding.

Absolute Winner

In the PKL there are between 10 and 12 teams, so betting on an absolute winner implies choosing who will be the first team to win the tournament, not the match. Guiding by odds can be misleading, as the winning teams change quite often. Only one team – Patna Pirates – has won three times.

15 Points in the First Half

With this betting option, you should decide if the team can get 15 points in the first 20 minutes. Such a bet requires a very deep knowledge of the teams, because it is difficult to take all strong and weak sides of the players into consideration.

Kabaddi Championships

The first world kabaddi tournament took place in 2004 and since then it has been played 4 times. The Indian team won, but players from Bangladesh were often placed 2nd and 3rd. Moreover, since 2010, Europeans have participated in the kabaddi competition as well, especially the Italians, who came in fourth place.

You may be wondering how much money the winner gets. So, for the first place in the PKL, the team gets 30 million Indian rupees or $400,000.


PKL has been the reason why the entire global athletic community has accepted kabaddi as an official sport. Some people think that such a local game just can’t become popular, but trends show that kabaddi is becoming increasingly common among the people of South Asia as well as around the world.

In order to make sure that not only the players make money, but you also get cash when you watch the matches, there is a way to bet on kabaddi. To find a bookmaker and check out their features, you can visit the kabaddibet.