7 Best Online Video Editors for Editing Gaming Videos 2023

In this world of creators and creativity, photo and video editor tools are the new crazes! It helps us showcase our product differently and innovatively. We focus on catching our audience’s attention, and this is one of the best ways to lure their eyes into our product. There are a lot of creative and free online video editor tools at our service.

We use editors for a wide variety of uses, be it for our marketing, wedding photography, gaming videos, and more domain. We have editing tools ranging from free to paid, availing yourself of the best services that you find online!

Gaming is the new trend. You can see gamers uploading their favorite movies of their games on YouTube. This comprises a lot of work, starting from recording, editing, and uploading the video. Editing is the core section, and every gamer wants it to be done in the best way.

Here, you can find the 7 Best Online Video Editors for editing Gaming Videos

1) Lightworks

With a much more straightforward and user-friendly interface, Lightworks brings out the creativity in you by offering a set of original videos and music clips licensed to be used in the videos you edit. Lightworks is a cloud-based video editor. It also has detailed video tutorials, which help the users to have a clear idea of what to do.  


  • They provide high-quality functions for fast and accurate video editing.
  • Multicam editing allows you to sync clips from many cameras. 
  • You can easily share videos through platforms for a wide range of video formats.
  • They offer color correction and blend modes as per your need. 
  • Allows you to continue editing while importing.
  • They are supported on platforms such as Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • The price is free, but you also avail of the Pro version for $24.99 per month.

2) VideoPad

A free online video editing tool is available to create high-quality videos as per your requirements. All the features are freely available, and they are easy to use. You can find 3D video editing and sound effects to add charm to your video. They are famous among Facebook and YouTube content creators. 

A wide range of fonts, transitions, and effects are available, along with different colors and sound effects. It may be too simple for advanced editors. But the tool is worth the free download. 


  • The tool allows you to share the video to your social media directly. 
  • It has a built-in double screen for previewing your work as per your need for easy editing.
  • Customizable transitions and video optimization tools are available.
  • It offers 3D video editing options.
  • Available for platforms: Mac, Windows
  • VideoPad is free of cost.

3) OpenShot

It is an incredibly easy-to-use video editor for beginners. The user-friendly interface makes it famous among the audience. However, they are mainly used for simple editing. The best option for small businesses as the tool is free and offers many features to the editor, such as frame stepping, real-time preview, etc.


  • They support many audios, video, and image formats, providing a wide range of choices to the users.
  • They offer a wide variety of digital video effects.
  • Unlimited tracks and layers are available.
  • The drag and drop feature is available for the easy functionality of the tool.
  • Best for creating animated videos.
  • Available for platforms: Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • The tool is free of cost.

4) InVideo

It is a user-friendly and straightforward games video editor suitable for both beginners and pro video makers. You can use both Text-to-Video and Blank Template for editing your gaming videos. The first step is to create an account on it and select the suitable option as per your need.


  • It provides templates in all dimensions depending on your platform.
  • It offers advanced editing options and offers you a wide variety of images and soundtracks for customizing your gaming videos.
  • You can add texts, voice-overs, and special effects to your gaming video and create wonders! 
  • The following templates are perfect for adding colors to your gaming video: 

✔ New Video Game Alert

✔ E-Gaming Highlights

✔ Video Game Competition

✔ Game Coaching

5) ShotCut

Comprising all the features, we have ShotCut, enabling users to mix, cut, and easily trim videos. Multiple audio clips and images help in shaping the gaming video to a much better format. The tool supports resolutions up to 4K, which is an advantage for video editing and gaming. Video tutorials guide the users for additional help. 


✔ A vast myriad of videos and sound clips are available.

✔ Provides additional support to beginners and is best for sound mixing.

✔ 3-point editing available.

✔ Available for platforms: macOS, Windows, Linux, FreeBSD

✔ Free of cost.

6) Final cut Pro

Final cut Pro is widely used as a game video editor due to its extensive features. You can find the Compound Clip feature, which allows you to group clips. They have a wide range of features starting from customization of both 2D and 3D titles. They provide a free trial for you to test the components before purchasing. 


✔ A wide range of customization is available.

✔ They provide excellent integration with Apple computers.

✔ Color grading is available.

✔ The pricing plan starts at $299.99.

7) WeVideo 

WeVideo is the best cloud-based online video editor, which provides excellent service to all users, from businesses to students. This tool is easily accessible with a stable internet connection. In addition, you have wonderful features available free of cost.

Features such as millions of stock media, from videos to audio files, are available when you purchase a business plan. The free version provides all support to create a video with unlimited storage. In addition, all the files are stored in a secure cloud where you can edit, share them.


✔ Millions of images, videos, and music are available.

✔ Unlimited cloud storage, which helps users to create endless videos. 

✔ The tool allows exporting videos in 4K resolution.

✔ Unique tools are available for editing.

✔ Available for platforms: Chromebook, Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android

✔ The tool is free, and paid plans start at $4.99 per month.

8) FlexClip

FlexClip is a user-friendly online video editor designed to simplify the video creation process for gaming enthusiasts. Whether you’re a novice or a pro video maker, FlexClip offers a seamless editing experience. Start by creating an account and choose from a variety of templates tailored to gaming videos.


Provides templates in various dimensions, ideal for different gaming platforms.

Advanced editing options with a wide variety of images, soundtracks, and special effects for customizing gaming videos.

Easily add texts, voice-overs, and special effects to enhance your gaming video and make it stand out.

Flexible templates like “New Video Game Alert,” “E-Gaming Highlights,” “Video Game Competition,” and “Game Coaching” to add vibrant elements to your gaming content.

Explore FlexClip to elevate your gaming video editing experience and captivate your audience with captivating visuals.


Editing is an art that you learn step-by-step. Here you can find some of the best video editor tools available, both for free and paid versions, which can help you create the best gaming videos. Every tool has some different features which make it perfect for your needs. 

Here you can find the key features of the editing tools and the platforms they are available on. For beginners, you can choose the free version and slowly move on to the paid version with time. So now you can be creative anytime, anywhere!

So, now you have a clear-cut idea of which tool to use for your purpose. The above listicle will help you in choosing your dream editor to upgrade your editing skills!